Beer Rally - Old Lille in English

Beer Rally - Old Lille in English

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  • 3h
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Follow Gambrinus' route on the night of the robbery!

This morning, a cry of despair shook the countryside from Lille to Mouscron, from Cassel to Louvain and from Dunkirk to Tournai...
A howl from the castle of Gambrinus, legendary king of Flanders and Brabant, and prince of beer. The reason for his despair? The monarch has mislaid his precious golden mug, symbol of his power and guarantee of his immortality... Petrified at the thought of his imminent demise, Gambrinus charges you with the task of recovering this special Grail.
A matter of life and death... Your mission is to retrace Gambrinus's steps on the night of the robbery!
You'll find clues along the way that will help you in your search. But the key elements of your investigation will have to be found in 4 of Lille's famous beer bars, where you'll be served a gallop of an exceptional beer. And it's in the nature or taste of this beer that you'll discover the decisive clues to your quest.
During this adventure, several challenges await you!
- An orienteering challenge: it's up to you to find your way and the 4 bars to stop at.
- A tasting questionnaire on each beer tasted blind.
- An observation quiz on the route taken.
- 2 photographic challenges.

To know

Good to know
  • The Old-Lille Beer Rally in English takes place every Saturday at 2.30pm.
  • Meet at the Babe restaurant, Square Morisson, 10 minutes before the start.
  • Please bring a pen, and a camera or a smarphone for the rally.
  • A host will meet you at the start to explain the rules of the game - then set off to conquer the streets of Lille with the roadbook!
  • You'll be given a booklet with detailed notes on every monument or curiosity you come across along the way, every beer you taste, and all the information you need to complete the investigation.
  • You'll be monitored remotely by our guides, who will meet you on arrival to correct your answers - a gift will be given to the winner!
  • The 4 beer tastings are included in the game. Soft drinks are available for non-alcohol drinkers.
  • Service +: book in less than 24 hours by contacting our advisers by telephone on +33 (0)359 579 400.
  • Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.